ios pod install

I’m pretty sure you are not in the right directory. Are you sure your .xcodeproj is in the Developer folder? There might be a subfolder you need to navigate to.

The right way to enable CocoaPods in your Project is:

  1. Open Terminal and execute: $ sudo gem install cocoapods
  2. Navigate to your Project folder (I assume in your case it’s cd /Users/myName/Developer/SimpleWeather/SimpleWeather.xcodeproj).
  3. Setup Cocoapod pod setup
  4. Create the Podfile touch Podfile
  5. Open the Podfile open -e Podfile and insert your code for Podfile
  6. Finally install the Podfile pod install

If you follow this instructions everything should work. When opening your project make sure to open the .xworkspacefile.

For more information:

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